Health - Nursing

What does a Registered Nurse do?

Cares for patients, clients and residents in hospitals, clinics and homes

  • Provides general nursing care for patients
  • Ensures patients receive their prescribed treatments and medications
  • Liaising with other health care professionals
  • Observes, monitors assess, reports and documents patients’ conditions
  • Supports and informs patients and their families
  • Trains and supervises others
  • Gives medical examinations
What do I need to be good at?
  • Working with people
  • Being patient
  • Work related
  • Taking leadership and responsibility
  • Listening and taking notes
How much does a Registered Nurse get paid?

The average salary for a Registered Nurse is $76,000 which can vary depending on experience and training.

Please see or for further information about wages

How does a Registered Nurse get trained?

Federation Training offer a number of local training opportunities:

Federation University offer a number of local training opportunities:

Other courses can be found through the Victorian Skills Gateway:

At school by…

Doing Work experience with an aged care facility, child care centre or disability provider to experience working with people who are vulnerable

Enrolling in VET in Schools – complete a Certificate II in Community Services qualification while attending school

School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships (SBAT) – start your qualification and get paid to work while you finish secondary school.

At TAFE or other registered training organisations

Certificate III in Individual Support

Diploma of Nursing

At university…

You can take an undergraduate degree at university in:

Bachelor of Nursing

What does this job lead to?

Registered nurses may go on to further training to become specialists in:

  • Community Health
  • Midwifery
  • Maternal and Childcare
  • Paediatrics
  • Cardiac
  • Surgery
  • Education Management