Community Services – practitioners, case workers and project officers

What does work in Community Services look like?

Work with people to address problems which may be affecting them personally or impacting others around them including family members.

  • Educates clients about how to change their circumstances and how to move forward in their lives
  • Often work within a care team
  • Helps people with issues affecting their relationships, unemployment, illness, drug or alcohol issues
  • May provide casework and case management support including assisting people to access a range of support services
  • Works to advance the needs of adults, children, young people, their families and their communities.
What do I need to be good at?
  • Communicating and negotiating
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Working well in a team and with minimal directionOrganising and time managing
  • Listening, gathering information, analyzing information and forming case plans
  • Coping with and managing conflict
  • Writing and maintaining reports
  • Using a computer and associated software to record and access information
How much do they get paid?

Salaries in the community sector would generally commence from $49,000 per annum for a full-time employee and vary according to qualifications, experience and the type of role.

How do you get trained?

Federation Training offer a number of local training opportunities:

Federation University offer a number of local training opportunities:

Other courses can be found through the Victorian Skills Gateway:

At school by…

Doing Work experience with a local youth group, volunteer organisations with food relief or food banks, or local council’s community engagement services.

Enrolling in VET in Schools – complete a Certificate II in Community Services qualification while attending school

School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships (SBAT) – start your qualification and get paid to work while you finish secondary school.

At TAFE or other registered training organisations

Certificate III in Community Services

Certificate IV in Community Services

Diploma of Community Services

At university…

You can take an undergraduate degree at university in:

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Community and Human Services

What does this job lead to?

Community Service Workers may go on to further training to become:

  • Team leaders or Managers
  • Educators
  • Counsellors
  • Advanced practitioners